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Before I launch this class officially, I wanted to offer it at a pre-launch special. Because, squeak, I'm excited. I will email you the code immediately, just click "get me the code."

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I'll admit it. I'm cheap.

Yes, I like nice things, but I don't want to spend money unnecessarily. I created Client Workflow for Photographers to help those who are cheap and want to learn how to do things for themselves in the best possible way. I want to show you what tools I use in order to make my business run super efficiently without a big price tag. 

I'm Cheap Too!



I am going to make you feel happy and less overwhelmed about the client workflow that is sitting on your computer right this minute. This course will take you from sleepless nights to feeling confident about every stage of your client workflow. I throw in all the tools and software that I use to allow my business to MAKE money, not SPEND it.


What's it going to cost you to learn to be cheap? $149. That's all. It's a one time fee with access to how to save more money while creating a great client workflow. 

I need this in my life immediately.

Is this course right for you?

If you have ever felt:

  • Unorganized
  • Want to give you clients a better experience
  • You can't remember what stage your client is in
  • Overwhelmed by how much effort goes into each client
  • You pay too much in expenses each month
  • You don't like your current client workflow system



There are 5 modules in this class. There is a video with audio for almost every section of each module. You can download the transcript to some videos. Lots of videos will walk you though the exact process that I use. 

I'm here for you.

If at any time you want to talk to me about setting up your workflow, I will be available for one on one mentoring calls. I will hold you hand, stroke your hair and call you pretty. Not really. But I can become your business BFF and give you encouragement.

All Of These Resources Are Just Waiting For You

They are available and I am going to give you a roadmap of how to find them. This course will help photographers of all levels practice be more organized, feel less overwhelmed, and SPEND LESS MONEY.

Join my course now!

Take Your Client Experience to the Next Level

A client experience with you should be the reason they want to come back over and over again.

STOP paying a monthly fee for expensive client management software

Do you know how much you spend every year on client management software? Take a minute and calculate it. Or better yet, I will tell you. It's too much. 

Don't have client management software? You don't need it and I will teach you why in this course.

Follow these steps...

I could make dinner for you, or I could show you how I cook, and you can start to cook for yourself. 

I will teach you how I manage every client that comes through my door from the minute they sign my contact and beyond.


I'll even give you steps to think about money in the right way.

Secret tools!

Learn all the tools that I love. I will give you direct links to what I use on an everyday basis. You know, the things that my bank account enjoys because they are either free or low cost.

Sometimes we simply need to be pointed in the right direction. That's exactly what this course does. Gives you the direction your business needs.

These programs are jems and you will love them.

"Client Workflow for Photographers" is a resource for people looking to develop their skills in managing client workflow so they can become better at being organized, feeling less overwhelmed, and give their clients a better experience.

Have more questions? I'm ready for them.

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